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Rabbtor is becoming Open Source

Rabbtor has been distributed with Rabbytes' closed proprietary license. Starting from September,2016, we will be distributing Rabbtor with Apache License 2. Meanwhile, you can grab the codes from our Github Repository which has already been made public.

Rabbtor 1.0.4 is released. Please use this version in your maven/gradle references.

Getting Rabbtor

Rabbtor libraries are distributed through our Maven repository. You may browse all released version from this address:

If you are using Gradle, below is a basic gradle configuration:


// Add Rabbytes maven repository url to your repositories 
repositories {
    maven { url ''    }
ext {
 rabbtorVersion = '1.0.4'
// Add dependencies
dependencies {
    // For common Rabbtor utilities and model metadata usage
    compile "com.rabbtor:rabbtor-web:${rabbtorVersion}"
    // For GSP Support
    compile "com.rabbtor:rabbtor-web-gsp:${rabbtorVersion}"

Source Code

To get the latest sources, check out our Github Repository



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